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We design and grind Eagle Racing Camshafts in our own shop. Every Eagle Cam is produced from a new high quality Proferal Cast Iron Billet. Our profiles provide horsepower and revving ability while running moderate spring pressures. Choose your next camshaft from the biggest selection of 100% dyno and race tested cams in the VW industry.



Need more information about camshaft selection? Try us! We're the only VW based company that actually designs, tests, and grinds VW camshafts. We have been doing it for over 30 years. CB Performance is a full line camshaft producer, not just a camshaft seller. We generate our own masters, dyno, and road test the performance prior to release of a new design. We then grind our own cams from 100% new racing billets. Our cams are fully heat treated using the patented Parkerizing process to reduce the danger of flattened lobes. Other brands are simply sprayed with graphite. If you need to know about lobe centers, lift, duration, smog, or turbo cams, give us a call. Nobody does VW aircooled cams like CB Performance!

Actual lift at the camshaft can be checked by first measuring the base circle of the camshaft. Then measure the distance from the center line of the heel to the center line of the nose. Subtract the base circle dimension from the heel to nose measurement and you will know exactly how much life you have at the cam.

Total valve lift is determined by multiplying actual lift by the ratio of the rocker arms. 40hp rocker are 1.1, 1500 and 1600 rockers are 1.1:1. A camshaft with .429" lift matched to a set of stock 1600 rockers will produce .472" lift at the valves. The same cam matched to 1.25:1 rockers will produce .536" lift.

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