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Machine Shop Videos

CB Performance - Cam Grinder
Type 1 VW camshaft being ground on our in-house Cam Grinder.

CB Performance - CNC Ultra Wedge Chamber Work
This video shows CNC Chamber work being done on an Ultra Wedge Port Cylinder Head, in-house at CB Performance, Farmersville, California.

CB Performance - Connecting Rod Honing Machine
CB Performance hones each of our H-Beam Race Rods to +/- .0002", in house!

CB Performance - Hand Ported Manifolds
Not all of our manifolds are CNC ported. Here is our Big Beef IDF manifold getting a Super Pro match port by hand. Yes folks, right here in Farmersville!!

CB Performance - Balancing Job
Watch CB Performance balance our 86mm Chevy Rod VW Crank, KEP Pressure Plate, and CB Forged 8 Dowel Flywheel Assembly.

CB Performance - CNC Machine Work on Magnesium Engine Case
CB Performance CNC machines a VW Magnesium Engine Case to allow stroker cranks to drop right in.