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CB Performance has DECADES OF EXPERIENCE with Aircooled VW Turbo Kits.



Hide-Away Turbo Kits

Dual Throttle Body EFI

Blow Through EFI Turbo Kits
Sedan / Buggy-Baja / Mid-Engine

Kit Options
Powder/Ceramic Coating
Boost Controller


T03 / T03/T04 Hybrid
T04 / Turbo Drain

Turbo Exhaust
Hideaway / Off-Road / Mid-Engine Header
Blowoffs / Wastegates / O-2 Sensor
O-2 Sensor Bung

Turbo Fuel
Fuel Pumps / Fuel Pressure Regulators

Turbo Air
Pressure Ducts / Covers / Bases
Air Filters / Pre-Filters

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  • General Turbo FAQ
  • Draw Through vs Blow Through
  • Turbo Project Checklist
  • Turbo Sizing
  • Turbo Rebuild
  • Turbo EFI
  • Turbo Carb Prep
  • Turbo Cams
  • Turbo Heads

Turbo VW Bug

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