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IN-108   IN-108 Emergency Brake Handle with Stainless Button - Flat 4 Rosewood
Rush   In-House Rush Fee
InsideDoorWindowScraper   Inside Door Window Scrapers (specify year)
JacksStackCovers   Jacks Stack Covers - one pair (specify color)
48specialShirt   JayCee 48 Special T-shirt (specify size)
JCBDC   JayCee Billet Distributor Clamp with Timing Marks (specify color)
JayCeeROFM   JayCee Billet Remote Oil Filter Mount (specify color)
JayCeeBOFM   JayCee Bypass Oil Filter Mount (specify color)
JayCeeMagX   JayCee Mag-X Magnetic Sump Plate (specify color)
JCturbodrain   JayCee Turbo Drain #10 (specify color)
LargeIndicatorLightsJOB   Large Indicator Light (specify color)
LargeIndicatorLight   Large Indicator Light - Plain (specify color)
LEDdomeLight   LED Dome Light Bulb (specify color)
MainBearings   Main Bearings (specify size)
Maxi30Late   Maxi 30 Full Flow In & Out Oil Pump - '71 & later (specify color)
Maxi30Early   Maxi 30 Full Flow In & Out Oil Pump - up to '70 (specify color)
Maxi30FFLate   Maxi 30 Full Flow Oil Pump (with 3/8'' outlet) '71 & later (specify color)
Maxi30FFEarly   Maxi 30 Full Flow Oil Pump (with 3/8'' outlet) up to '70 (specify color)
MEDI   MEDI Official Bug-In 33 Dickies Lined Jacket - Medium
MiniCompactChromeLight   Mini-Compact Chrome Light (specify color)
MSTBAS   MST Billet Alternator Stand (specify color)
MSTValveCovers   MST Billet Valve Covers (specify color)
MSTOSCP   MST Oil Sump Cover Plate w/Hardware (specify color)
MSTPRT   MST Push Rod Tubes (Spring Loaded) set of 8 (specify color)
MST-EX   MST-EX MST Serpentine Belt System - Excalibur Style (specify color)
MST-EX-SS   MST-EX-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Excalibur Style (specify color)
MST-RAP   MST-RAP MST Serpentine Belt System - Raptor Style (specify color)
MST-RAP-SS   MST-RAP-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Raptor Style (specify color)
MST-REN   MST-REN MST Serpentine Belt System - Renegade Style (specify color)
MST-REN-SS   MST-REN-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Renegade Style (specify color)
N-010-137.1   N-010-137.1 12 x 35mm Spring Plate Bolt - OEM
N-010-190.1   N-010-190.1 Front Beam Mounting Bolts - OEM
N-010-441.1   N-010-441.1 Steering Dampener Bolt (each)
N-011-153.1   N-011-153.1 Valve Adjuster Nut (9mm) OEM (each)
N-011-186.4   N-011-186.4 Case Nuts - 12mm (set of 6) OEM
N-012-012.1   N-012-012.1 12mm Split Lock Washer - OEM
N-012-240.1   N-012-240.1 Frame Horn Bolt Washer - OEM
N-012-801.1   N-012-801.1 Axle Tube Bearing Flange Retaining Pin - OEM
N-013-816.1   N-013-816.1 Reverse Light Switch Seal - OEM VW
N-014-288.1   N-014-288.1 Door Mounting Screw - OEM (each)
N-015-401.1   N-015-401.1 8mm Head Washer - OEM (each)
JayCeeOFMH   Oil Filter Mount Hanger - JayCee (specify color)
TheClaw   Oil Hose Clamp - The Claw from Chico Performance Racing (specify color)
OuterwearsTurbo6   Outerwears - 6 Inch Turbo - Straight (specify color)
Outerwears3   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 3 1/4" (specify color)
Outerwears6   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 6" (specify color)
Outerwears9   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 9" (specify color)
OuterwearsFilstar   Outerwears - Large Filstar Air Filter 6 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 4 3/4" (specify color)
OuterwearsSolex   Outerwears - Solex Air Filter (specify color)
OversizeValveGuide   Oversize Valve Guide (Intake & Exhaust) fits 40hp, 13, 15, & 1600cc (specify size)
PauterRockerArms   Pauter Machine Billet Roller Rocker Arm Kit (specify ratio 1.3:1-1.5:1)
PertronixPlugWires   Pertronix 8.0mm Plug Wire Set (specify color)
PinStripeShirt   Pin Stripe CB Speed Shop T-shirt (specify size)
PistonRingsType1   Piston Rings - Type-1 (specify size)
PistonRingsType4   Piston Rings - Type-4 (specify size)
RaceMasterValve   Race Master Valve (specify size)
JCRSPR   Racing Spring Plate Retainers - one pair (specify color)
RacingValveSeats   Racing Valve Seats - set of 4 (specify size)
EagleEyeRect   Rectangular Eagle Eye Lights - 100w (specify style)
RemoteCoilClamp   Remote Coil Clamp - JayCee (specify color)
PCBOuterwears   Replacement Outerwears - one pair (specify color)
CleviteRodBearings   Rod Bearings (Clevite 77 Chevy Journals) set of 4 (specify size)
RodBearings912   Rod Bearings - 912 Porsche (specify size)
RodBearingsType4   Rod Bearings - Type-4, 1.7 & 1.8 Liter (specify size)
RodBearings   Rod Bearings Type-1 (specify size)
EagleEyeRound   Round Eagle Eye Lights - 100w (specify style)
SandCartoonBugShirt   Sand Cartoon Bug T-shirt (specify size)
ScrubBag4   Scrub Bag - 4" (specify color)
ScrubBag6   Scrub Bag - 6" (specify color)
ScrubBag9   Scrub Bag - 9" (specify color)
SerpentineKit   Serpentine Belt System (specify color)
SerpentineKitSS   Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal (specify color)
SmallIndicatorLight   Small Indicator Light (specify color)
SO-15K   SO-15K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 36hp - 1952-60 - Solex 28 PCI
SO-17K   SO-17K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 40hp - 1960-63 - Solex 28 PICT
SO-22K   SO-22K Carb Rebuild Kit - Fastback and Squareback, Single Carburetor - 1961-66 - Solex 32 PHN
SO-25K   SO-25K Carb Rebuild Kit - Porsche 912 - 1965-69 - Solex 40 PII
SO-28K   SO-28K Carb Rebuild Kit - Fastback and Squareback, Dual Carburetor - 1963-68 - Solex 32 PDSIT
SO-31K   SO-31K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 1300 - 1963-68 - Solex 28 PICT-1, Solex 30 PICT-1
SO-32K   SO-32K Carb Rebuild Kit - 1500 (8/67 on), 1600 Type-2 Transporter - 1967-68 - Solex 30 PICT-2
SO-34K   SO-34K Carb Rebuild Kit - 1600 Beetle, 1600 Transporter - 1971-73 - Solex 30 PICT-3
SO-35K   SO-35K Carb Rebuild Kit - Super Beetle 1974 - 1600 Transporter 1972-74 - Solex 34 PICT-3
SO-37K   SO-37K Carb Rebuild Kit - Super Beetle - 1971 - Solex 34 PICT-4
SO-38K   SO-38K Carb Rebuild Kit - Dasher 1973-75 - Solex 32/35 TDID
SO-39K   SO-39K Carb Rebuild Kit - Type-2 Transporter, Standard Transmission, Left or Right, 1700 - 1972-74 - Solex 34 PDSIT-2, -3
SO-67K   SO-67K Carb Rebuild Kit - Solex Kadron 40mm Aftermarket - Single Barrel
BlackSpeedShopShirt   Speed Shop Bug T-shirt (specify size)
BlackSpeedShopLongSleeveShirt   Speed Shop Bug T-shirt - Long Sleeve (specify size)
SSTC   Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps (specify size)
SteelBarrelSpacers   Steel Barrel Spacers - set of 4 (specify size)
SteelBraidedLine   Steel Braided Line (specify size)
SteelBrakeLine   Steel Brake Line (specify length)
HexCrossBar   Steel Hex Cross Bar (specify size)
SteelWheel4   Steel Wheel (White) VW 4 Bolt (specify size)
SteelWheel5   Steel Wheel (White) VW 5 Bolt (specify size)
StreetElimBare   Street Eliminators - BARE with Guides and Seats (specify size)
StreetElimBareCastings   Street Eliminators - BARE, Castings Only (specify size)
StreetElim   Street Eliminators - Complete (specify size)
SupergripValve   SUPERGRIP™ S/S Single Groove Valve - each (specify size)
SupergripSnakeskin   SUPERGRIP™ Snakeskin S/S Single Groove Valve (specify size)
T2-129A   T2-129a Type-2 Vintage Flat 4 '50-67 Stainless Side Mirror (Left Side)
T2-129B   T2-129b Type-2 Vintage Flat 4 '50-67 Stainless Side Mirror (Right Side)
TachBag   Tach Bag (specify color)
TaperedRingCompressor   Tapered Ring Compressor - JayCee (specify size)
409RaceWires   Taylor 409 Race Wires (specify color)
TTVWires   Taylor Thunder Volt 8.2 Ignition Wires - Type-1 (specify color)
TieRodEnds   Tie Rod End (specify style)
TotalSealProSet   Total Seal Pro Set (specify size)
UltraSSValves   Ultra Stainless Steel Valves (specify size)
T3OilBlockOffPlate   Universal Case/Type-3 Oil Block Off Plate (specify color)
JCUOR10   Universal Oil Return (-10) JayCee (specify color)
JCUOR8   Universal Oil Return (-8) JayCee (specify color)
VSB   Velocity Stack Boots - set of 4 (specify color)
WE-25K   WE-25K Weber Rebuild Kit - DGV5A 32/36
WE-26K   WE-26K Weber Rebuild Kit - DFV 34
WE-28K   WE-28K Weber Rebuild Kit - ICT 34
WE-30K   WE-30K Weber Rebuild Kit - 32/36 DFAV
WE-31K   WE-31K Weber Rebuild Kit - 32/36 DFTA
WE-32K   WE-32K Weber Rebuild Kit - DGAV
WR8DP   WR8DP Spark Plugs - Bosch Spark Plug - 14mm 3/4 Inch Reach
WristPinButtons   Wrist Pin Buttons - Teflon Buttons (specify size)
ZE-4K   ZE-4K - Carb Rebuild Kit - Porsche 356-C 1600 1963-69 - Zenith NDIX 32

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