There are those that say
'We can't make it
here anymore'...

Well, we've got a list
of products that
proves them wrong!

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JayCeeROFM   JayCee Billet Remote Oil Filter Mount (specify color)
JayCeeBOFM   JayCee Bypass Oil Filter Mount (specify color)
JayCeeMagX   JayCee Mag-X Magnetic Sump Plate (specify color)
JCturbodrain   JayCee Turbo Drain #10 (specify color)
LargeIndicatorLightsJOB   Large Indicator Light (specify color)
LargeIndicatorLight   Large Indicator Light - Plain (specify color)
LEDdomeLight   LED Dome Light Bulb (specify color)
MainBearings   Main Bearings (specify size)
Maxi30Late   Maxi 30 Full Flow In & Out Oil Pump - '71 & later (specify color)
Maxi30Early   Maxi 30 Full Flow In & Out Oil Pump - up to '70 (specify color)
Maxi30FFLate   Maxi 30 Full Flow Oil Pump (with 3/8'' outlet) '71 & later (specify color)
Maxi30FFEarly   Maxi 30 Full Flow Oil Pump (with 3/8'' outlet) up to '70 (specify color)
MEDI   MEDI Official Bug-In 33 Dickies Lined Jacket - Medium
MiniCompactChromeLight   Mini-Compact Chrome Light (specify color)
MSTBAS   MST Billet Alternator Stand (specify color)
MSTValveCovers   MST Billet Valve Covers (specify color)
MSTOSCP   MST Oil Sump Cover Plate w/Hardware (specify color)
MSTPRT   MST Push Rod Tubes (Spring Loaded) set of 8 (specify color)
MST-EX   MST-EX MST Serpentine Belt System - Excalibur Style (choose color)
MST-EX-SS   MST-EX-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Excalibur Style (choose color)
MST-RAP   MST-RAP MST Serpentine Belt System - Raptor Style (choose color)
MST-RAP-SS   MST-RAP-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Raptor Style (choose color)
MST-REN   MST-REN MST Serpentine Belt System - Renegade Style (choose color)
MST-REN-SS   MST-REN-SS MST Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal - Renegade Style (choose color)
N-010-137.1   N-010-137.1 12 x 35mm Spring Plate Bolt - OEM
N-010-190.1   N-010-190.1 Front Beam Mounting Bolts - OEM
N-010-441.1   N-010-441.1 Steering Dampener Bolt (each)
N-011-153.1   N-011-153.1 Valve Adjuster Nut (9mm) OEM (each)
N-011-186.4   N-011-186.4 Case Nuts - 12mm (set of 6) OEM
N-012-012.1   N-012-012.1 12mm Split Lock Washer - OEM
N-012-240.1   N-012-240.1 Frame Horn Bolt Washer - OEM
N-012-801.1   N-012-801.1 Axle Tube Bearing Flange Retaining Pin - OEM
N-013-816.1   N-013-816.1 Reverse Light Switch Seal - OEM VW
N-014-288.1   N-014-288.1 Door Mounting Screw - OEM (each)
N-015-401.1   N-015-401.1 8mm Head Washer - OEM (each)
JayCeeOFMH   Oil Filter Mount Hanger - JayCee (specify color)
TheClaw   Oil Hose Clamp - The Claw from Chico Performance Racing (specify color)
OuterwearsTurbo6   Outerwears - 6 Inch Turbo - Straight (specify color)
Outerwears3   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 3 1/4" (specify color)
Outerwears6   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 6" (specify color)
Outerwears9   Outerwears - DRLA & IDF Air Filter 9" (specify color)
OuterwearsFilstar   Outerwears - Large Filstar Air Filter 6 1/2" x 11 1/2" x 4 3/4" (specify color)
OuterwearsSolex   Outerwears - Solex Air Filter (specify color)
OversizeValveGuide   Oversize Valve Guide (Intake & Exhaust) fits 40hp, 13, 15, & 1600cc (specify size)
PauterRockerArms   Pauter Machine Billet Roller Rocker Arm Kit (specify ratio 1.3:1-1.5:1)
PertronixPlugWires   Pertronix 8.0mm Plug Wire Set (specify color)
PinStripeShirt   Pin Stripe CB Speed Shop T-shirt (specify size)
PistonRingsType1   Piston Rings - Type-1 (specify size)
PistonRingsType4   Piston Rings - Type-4 (specify size)
RaceMasterValve   Race Master Valve (specify size)
JCRSPR   Racing Spring Plate Retainers - one pair (specify color)
RacingValveSeats   Racing Valve Seats - set of 4 (specify size)
EagleEyeRect   Rectangular Eagle Eye Lights - 100w (specify style)
RemoteCoilClamp   Remote Coil Clamp - JayCee (specify color)
PCBOuterwears   Replacement Outerwears - one pair (specify color)
CleviteRodBearings   Rod Bearings (Clevite 77 Chevy Journals) set of 4 (specify size)
RodBearings912   Rod Bearings - 912 Porsche (specify size)
RodBearingsType4   Rod Bearings - Type-4, 1.7 & 1.8 Liter (specify size)
RodBearings   Rod Bearings Type-1 (specify size)
EagleEyeRound   Round Eagle Eye Lights - 100w (specify style)
SandCartoonBugShirt   Sand Cartoon Bug T-shirt (specify size)
ScrubBag4   Scrub Bag - 4" (specify color)
ScrubBag6   Scrub Bag - 6" (specify color)
ScrubBag9   Scrub Bag - 9" (specify color)
SerpentineKit   Serpentine Belt System (specify color)
SerpentineKitSS   Serpentine Belt System with Sand Seal (specify color)
SmallIndicatorLight   Small Indicator Light (specify color)
SO-15K   SO-15K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 36hp - 1952-60 - Solex 28 PCI
SO-17K   SO-17K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 40hp - 1960-63 - Solex 28 PICT
SO-22K   SO-22K Carb Rebuild Kit - Fastback and Squareback, Single Carburetor - 1961-66 - Solex 32 PHN
SO-25K   SO-25K Carb Rebuild Kit - Porsche 912 - 1965-69 - Solex 40 PII
SO-28K   SO-28K Carb Rebuild Kit - Fastback and Squareback, Dual Carburetor - 1963-68 - Solex 32 PDSIT
SO-31K   SO-31K Carb Rebuild Kit - Beetle, Bus, Type-2 Transporter, 1300 - 1963-68 - Solex 28 PICT-1, Solex 30 PICT-1
SO-32K   SO-32K Carb Rebuild Kit - 1500 (8/67 on), 1600 Type-2 Transporter - 1967-68 - Solex 30 PICT-2
SO-34K   SO-34K Carb Rebuild Kit - 1600 Beetle, 1600 Transporter - 1971-73 - Solex 30 PICT-3
SO-35K   SO-35K Carb Rebuild Kit - Super Beetle 1974 - 1600 Transporter 1972-74 - Solex 34 PICT-3
SO-37K   SO-37K Carb Rebuild Kit - Super Beetle - 1971 - Solex 34 PICT-4
SO-38K   SO-38K Carb Rebuild Kit - Dasher 1973-75 - Solex 32/35 TDID
SO-39K   SO-39K Carb Rebuild Kit - Type-2 Transporter, Standard Transmission, Left or Right, 1700 - 1972-74 - Solex 34 PDSIT-2, -3
SO-67K   SO-67K Carb Rebuild Kit - Solex Kadron 40mm Aftermarket - Single Barrel
BlackSpeedShopShirt   Speed Shop Bug T-shirt (specify size)
BlackSpeedShopLongSleeveShirt   Speed Shop Bug T-shirt - Long Sleeve (specify size)
SSTC   Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamps (specify size)
SteelBarrelSpacers   Steel Barrel Spacers - set of 4 (specify size)
SteelBraidedLine   Steel Braided Line (specify size)
SteelBrakeLine   Steel Brake Line (specify length)
HexCrossBar   Steel Hex Cross Bar (specify size)
SteelWheel4   Steel Wheel (White) VW 4 Bolt (specify size)
SteelWheel5   Steel Wheel (White) VW 5 Bolt (specify size)
StreetElimBare   Street Eliminators - BARE with Guides and Seats (specify size)
StreetElimBareCastings   Street Eliminators - BARE, Castings Only (specify size)
StreetElim   Street Eliminators - Complete (specify size)
SupergripValve   SUPERGRIP™ S/S Single Groove Valve - each (specify size)
SupergripSnakeskin   SUPERGRIP™ Snakeskin S/S Single Groove Valve (specify size)
T2-129A   T2-129a Type-2 Vintage Flat 4 '50-67 Stainless Side Mirror (Left Side)
T2-129B   T2-129b Type-2 Vintage Flat 4 '50-67 Stainless Side Mirror (Right Side)
TachBag   Tach Bag (specify color)
TaperedRingCompressor   Tapered Ring Compressor - JayCee (specify size)
409RaceWires   Taylor 409 Race Wires (specify color)
TTVWires   Taylor Thunder Volt 8.2 Ignition Wires - Type-1 (specify color)
TieRodEnds   Tie Rod End (specify style)
TotalSealProSet   Total Seal Pro Set (specify size)
UltraSSValves   Ultra Stainless Steel Valves (specify size)
T3OilBlockOffPlate   Universal Case/Type-3 Oil Block Off Plate (specify color)
JCUOR10   Universal Oil Return (-10) JayCee (specify color)
JCUOR8   Universal Oil Return (-8) JayCee (specify color)
VSB   Velocity Stack Boots - set of 4 (specify color)
WE-25K   WE-25K Weber Rebuild Kit - DGV5A 32/36
WE-26K   WE-26K Weber Rebuild Kit - DFV 34
WE-28K   WE-28K Weber Rebuild Kit - ICT 34
WE-30K   WE-30K Weber Rebuild Kit - 32/36 DFAV
WE-31K   WE-31K Weber Rebuild Kit - 32/36 DFTA
WE-32K   WE-32K Weber Rebuild Kit - DGAV
WR8DP   WR8DP Spark Plugs - Bosch Spark Plug - 14mm 3/4 Inch Reach
WristPinButtons   Wrist Pin Buttons - Teflon Buttons (specify size)
ZE-4K   ZE-4K - Carb Rebuild Kit - Porsche 356-C 1600 1963-69 - Zenith NDIX 32

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