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Bolt-On Performance

Do you have a stock 1600cc engine, and want some easy-to-install upgrades?

Check out the list below for some easy performance upgrades for your stock VW engine.

Parts Upgrade

What to expect

- MSII Ready-to-run Kit (#2000) (better spark, better idle, better performance, better fuel economy)
- Streetster Exhaust Header (#3683) (more flow)
- Streetster Muffler (#3675) (low, mellow rumble)
- 1.25:1 Ratio Rocker Arms (#1685) (increased low end torque and increased HP)
- Maxi Pump 2 (#1791, 1792) (cleaner oil, longer engine life)
- Double Barrel 40mm
Weber Carb Kit
(greater performance)
- Ultra Wide Glide Sump (4 quart) (#1706) (increased oil capacity, improved cooling)
- Brad Penn Racing Oil (increased horsepower, longer engine life)
- Panchito 044™ Cylinder Heads (increased horsepower and torque)