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Dyno Videos

Pat Downs built this turnkey engine for Mike "Cheez" Brown, a Manager for Sublime with Rome.

2332cc (84 stroke x 94 bore)
Panchito 044s (40x35.5) w/VW650 Springs
#2292 Eagle Racing Cam (FK-10)
9:1 Compression
1 5/8" Low Down A-1 Stainless Exhaust System
48mm Weber IDAs w/37mm Venturi's
#2010 MS2 Ready to Run Ignition System
Match Ported Big Beef Manifolds (powder coated)
#3294 CB Speed Shop Billet Valve Covers
MST Alternator Stand

Made 179hp @ 600rpm
183 ft/lbs of torque @ 4600rpm

2332cc Turbo Engine built by Pat Downs for CB Performance

84 stroke x 94 bore
44 x 37.5 Super Pro w/Titanium Retainers, VW650 Springs
#2292 Eagle Racing Cam (FK-10)
1.4:1 Ratio Rockers
8:1 Compression
Gen4 Turbo EFI, Hybrid Turbo
Water/Meth Injection
Boost Control
Crank Trigger Ignition

Made 330hp @ 6400rpm
290 ft/lbs of torque @ 4300rpm

This Engine was built for Seth Gray (CB Employee) by Anthony "Cub" De La Torre (also a CB Employee), and Dyno'd at CB Performance by Pat Downs.


82 x 94
5.400 Super Race Rods
2292 Eagle Racing Cam
CB 1.4 Ratio Rocker Arms
CB Chromoly Pushrods
CB Pro-Series Straight Cut Cam Gears
Mahle Piston & Barrels
CB 82 Super Race Crankshaft
Lightweight Flywheel (1303)
Stage 2 Pressure Plate with Super Disc
28mm Lightweight Racing Lifters
46 x 37 044 Cylinder Heads (hand ported)
VW650 Spring upgrade
48 IDF Weber Carb Kits
German Engine Case (full flowed, with welded #3, and Bushed Lifter Bores)
A-1 Stainless Steel Exhaust
Powder coated linkage and manifolds

Made 202.7hp @ 6134rpm
186 ft/lbs of torque @ 5400rpm

The cost for a similar build would be roughly 12 grand.

Marc Auger's 2276cc Turbo Engine

82 x 94
44 x 37.5 Super Pro Heads
w/vw650 Springs, 68cc Chambers
2250 Eagle Racing Camshaft
1.25:1 Ratio Rockers
Side Outlet Full Flow Oiling
Crank Trigger Ignition
Water / Meth Injection
Gen4 EFI
Dual 40mm Throttle Bodies
Stage-3 Kennedy Clutch
Dual Friction Disc

Made 252hp and 248 ft/lbs of Torque @ 9 PSI
310hp and 298 ft/lbs of Torque @ 14 PSI

2160cc Engine on the Dyno (made 162hp)

Features: 2160cc, 84mm stroke, 90.5mm bore, Mini Wedgeport Heads (42x37.5 valves, dual springs), 1.25:1 Ratio Rockers, #2246 Eagle Racing Cam, Dual Weber 44 IDF Carbs, Magnaspark Ignition, 1-5/8" A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust, 8.5:1 compression

Made 162hp @ 6000rpm
168 ft/lbs of Torque @ 4600rpm

2276cc Turbo EFI Engine on the Dyno (made 305hp)

This Turbo EFI 2276cc Motor was built by Pat Downs of CB Performance.

Features: Mini Wedge Port Heads w/VW-650 Springs, #2301 Eagle Racing Cam, 1.25 Ratio Rockers, Lightweight Flywheel, Stage-3 Kennedy Clutch, CB Super Disc, Lightweight Lifters, .058 Wall Manton Push Rods, 94mm Mahle Pistons & Cylinders, Straight Cut Cam Gears, Modified Autostick Oil Pump to Scavenge Turbo, CB's Gen4 EFI w/48mm Throttle Bodies, 60 lb. Injectors, Boost Control, Water/Meth Control, Crank Trigger Ignition, T04b Turbo, and an 1 5/8" Mid-Engine Spyder Exhaust.

Made 305hp @ 10psi boost
and 280 ft/lbs of Torque

"This turbo engine is for a customers Beck 550 Spyder. The boost level was kept low because the car is very lightweight (1550 lbs.) Since the Gen4 ECU controls water/meth injection, Pat decided it was needed to help lower intake air temps, since the customer lives in a rather hot climate. We are also controlling boost through the Gen4 ECU. The engine was eventually turned down to 5 psi, and it still produced 260hp and 252 ft/lbs. of torque."
Pat Downs

2332cc Fuel Injected Engine on the Dyno (made 188hp)
This Fuel Injected 2332cc Motor was built by Pat Downs of CB Performance.

Features: 84mm Stroke, Super Case (shuffle pinned, bronze lifter bores, sand sealed, full flowed), 5.500" Super Race Rods, 94mm Nikasil Cylinders from LN Engineering, J & E 94mm Pistons, #2242 Eagle Racing Cam, 1.25:1 Rockers Los Panchito Heads (40 x 35.5), CB's Gen4 EFI System, Mini Cam Sync (coming soon), A-1 Performance 1 5/8" Black Sidewinder Exhaust, MagnaSpark Crank Trigger Ignition System with LS-2 coils, #1706 4 Quart Ultra Wide Glide Sump, Sync-Link Throttle Linkage and 9:1 Compression.

Made 187.7hp @ 5320rpm
and 200.2 ft/lbs of Torque @ 4080rpm

"This engine was developed for a very rare 1959 Binz double cab. The customer, Anand Rajani did not want any holes drilled in the double cab to preserve it's original integrity. For this reason, no external oil cooler would be used. Pat decided to use Nikasil cylinders for their increased heat dissipation. The Los Panchito head was used for their high port velocity. Torque was the main goal for this engine build due to how heavy the double cab is (2300 lbs.) Along with the extremely high port velocity of the Los Panchito head, Pat used CB's new Gen4 EFI to build even more low end and mid-range torque."
- Pat Downs

2005cc Fuel Injected Engine on the Dyno (made 140hp)
This Fuel Injected 2005cc Motor was built by Pat Downs of CB Performance. Features CB's Gen4 EFI System, MagnaSpark Crank Trigger with Cam Sync, CB Billet Valve Covers, A-1 Black Sidewinder Exhaust, #2250 Eagle Racing Cam, Stock Ratio Rockers, 40mm Throttle Bodies, 8.8:1 Compression, 30mm Full Flow Oil Pump, 043 Heads with 40 x 35.5 Valves, hand ported and polished, Round Port Manifolds, Super Race Crank, 5.400" Super Race Rods and an MST Black Anodized Alternator Stand. The Powder coating finish on the Shroud and Tin is sometimes referred to as 'Hammer Tone'.

Made 140hp @ 5200rpm
and 147 ft/lbs of Torque @ 4200rpm

2332cc Engine on the Dyno (made 200hp)
"It's a bittersweet moment for me with this engine. This is the winning Engine Builder's Shootout Engine from 2007. About 6 months ago, I was contacted by Bruce McKean, a colorful older person from Queensland, Australia. Bruce wanted an engine he could brag to his friends about. He frequently referred to the Shootout Engine as something that resembled the look and power he was after. When I told Bruce that this engine was available, he had to have it! Worried that my 84 year old customer might have a handful with this engine and not wanting him to get hurt, I slightly de-tuned it. Compression is now at 9:1, the camshaft has been changed to our #2288, Ignition is our Magna-Spark Ready-to-Run using an MSD digital 6AL box in conjunction with our programmable Black Box. The exhaust was changed to a custom A-1 Low-Down with 1 3/4" primaries and custom made 1 3/4" heater boxes.

The engine will be going into a 1973 Karmann Ghia. Bruce plans on driving it to car shows and the local "old Timers" hangouts. With 200 HP and close to 170 ft/lbs. of torque, I'm sure he will have fun with it as i did in the shootout." - Pat Downs

2005cc Engine on the Dyno (made 138hp)
2005cc with CNC Round Port Heads, 40 x 35.5 valves, #2256 cam on 107 degree lobe center, Dual 44 IDF Weber Carbs, 1-1/2 A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust for a Thing, 8.8:1 compression, 1.1:1 ratio rocker arms, Magnaspark Ignition, 5.400 length race rods.

"This engine is going in a VW Thing and it was built for low and mid range torque. Once again, notice the extremely flat torque curve of the off road grind #2256 cam. This is becoming one of my favorite grinds for applications requiring low and mid range torque." - Pat Downs

2054cc Engine on the Dyno (made 149hp)
74mm stroke, 94mm bore, Los Panchito heads, 9:1 compression, Magnaspark Ignition System, Serpentine Belt, 2256 Eagle Racing Camshaft, Dual 44 IDF Weber Carbs on CB Big Beef Intake Manifolds and a 1-5/8" Myers Manx Exhaust System.

"This engine makes an incredibly flat torque curve, 128 ft-lbs. @3000 rpm and 128 ft-lbs. @6000 rpm, peaking at 152 ft-lb.s @4700 rpm. This 2054cc engine is going into a Manx Buggy and should be a blast to drive. The cam is a new grind, that we have introduced as our Eagle Cam #2256." - Pat Downs

1904cc Engine on the Dyno (made 132hp)
Pat Downs just finished this 1904cc featuring the new #1877 OEM Look Serpentine Belt system. Engine is a 74x90.5 with CNC round port heads 40x35.5 valves. A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust with heat. Cost is 6,195.95 without the exhaust. This engine was dyno'd on October 10th, 2014.

1904cc Engine on the Dyno (made 130hp)
This Turnkey engine was built in-house by Pat Downs of CB Performance. Featuring CNC Round Port Heads with 40 x 35.5 Dual Springs, #2242 Cam, 1.1:1 Rockers, 9:1 Compression, 44 IDF Carbs with 32mm Venturis and an A-1 1 1/2" Exhaust. Price is $6,995 w/o exhaust. It made 130hp @ 5600 rpm, and 138 ft-lbs. of torque! October 2014!