Helpful Information about our Store's Policies

FREIGHT CLAIMS - ALL goods shall be considered to be delivered to the purchaser when they are placed in the hands of the carrier and consigned to the purchaser. All claims of loss, damage or destruction must be made by the purchaser to the carrier.

ALL SALES "AS-IS" - NO WARRANTY - NO REFUND. We value you as a customer and will make every effort to keep you happy. However, because we sell only highly specialized racing parts, we can make NO WARRANTY whatsoever. Consequently, all sales are on an "AS-IS" basis.

These are automobile parts designed for specific uses in automobiles only. The parts may be dangerous and may cause injury if used for any other purpose, or otherwise misused. They may also be dangerous and may cause injury if modified, redesigned or altered before use. CB Performance Products will not assume any liability for and will not pay you for any injuries caused to you or others by any misuse, modification, redesign, or alteration of our products. These parts are not for use on public highways, off-road racing purposes only.

CB Performance Products, Inc. will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damage including direct or indirect labor, towing, lodging, garage, repair, medical or legal expense in any way attributable to the use of any item in this catalog or to the delay or inconvenience caused by the necessity of replacing or repairing any such item. No Exchanges or refunds will be made after (30) days of purchase. No Returns allowed unless authorized with a Return Authorization Number by CB Performance Products. *ALL RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBERS ARE VALID FOR 30 DAYS FROM THE DATE AUTHORIZED* Authorized returns must be prepaid. COD shipments will not be accepted. ALL Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Claims for shortages must be made within 24 hours of receipt of goods.