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Street and Bracket Cams represent a brand new series of camshafts for the fuel conscious driver. These cams bridge the gap between pure mileage and performance. Street and Bracket Cams feature shorter durations than normal performance cams, but offer greater duration than most mileage cams. The basic difference in the Street and Bracket series is the greatly accelerated opening rates of the valves. Even though full race cams are open longer the Street and Bracket series provides more effective open area at high RPM. Group 2 Cams are designed to provide good low-end and crisp mid-range response.

VW T-1
@ .050"
Lift @
the cam
Lift w/1.1:1
Rocker Arms
2233 272° 234° .371" .408"
2235 270° 236° .374" .411"
2239 276° 238° .380" .417"

All Eagle Racing Cams are ground on 107
° lobe centers unless otherwise noted.

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