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CB Performance carries a wide selection of Carb Kits & Accessories, including parts for Weber, Dellorto and Solex carbs.

Dual Weber Kits

Type-1 (IDF, IDA, ICT, MX)
Type-3 (IDF, ICT)
Type-4 & 914 (IDF, IDA, ICT, MX)
356 & 912 (IDF)

Single Weber Kits
Low Profile Kits
MX Low Profile Kits

Weber Update Kits
40 IDF or 44 IDF

Dellorto Update Kits
Dual 40 DRLA
Dual 45 DRLA
Single 40 DRLA

Weber Rebuild Kits


Dual Solex Kits

Type-1, Type-4

Carb Tools
Flow Meters
Jet Reamer Set
Jet Plug Gauges

Jets, Venturis & Carb Parts

CB Performance carries a great selection of carburetors, ranging from single Weber carbs, all the way up to Dual 51.5mm Weber Carb Kits. All of our Weber Carburetors are Genuine REDLINE, and all carbs come pre-jetted, ready to bolt on, with minimal setup.

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