Hot VW's - September 2003 - Andie's Street Flyer
This turbo-injected '66 sedan was primarily built in Illinois, then owner Andie Selby relocated to Palm Springs, California

Here's Andie and his bride-to-be Lisa Gennardo, who resided in Palm Springs, CA for a year, had lots of fun cruisin' Andie's "street flyer" Looker, and as of this writing, have moved back to IL. This driver is powered by a turbo-injected 2110cc, built (and machined) by Andie. He and Paul Gabris did bodywork and paint (DuPont '92 Porsche Signal Green), back in Roselle, Illinois, years ago. Console has VDO's Sun tach, & CB air-fuel gauge. Note CB controls to dial-in air-fuel ratios while driving.

Quite often, we receive photos from readers who share their rides with us, in hopes of getting a feature article about their pride and joy, or are happy just to get one piece of their car somewhere in this magazine. Such is the case with Andie Selby, who lived in Illinois, built a nice Looker of a '66 Bug, then moved to Palm Springs, California. After we saw his photos, and he added the finishing touches to his turbo'd 2110cc streeter, we met-up with Andie and his fiancee Lise Gennardo, eyeballed the bright green VW, and photographed it. As you can see, his street flyer looks fast, sitting in front of a once-active-in-the-'60s Vietnam era, Grumman A6 Intruder light attack bomber, parked at the Palm Springs Air Museum.

Andie, age 25, got his first VW thanks to his mom, who had a '73 Thing stored in her garage for twelve years, then gave it to Andie when he was in high school. Since that day, Andie has owned a '69 Baja Bug, a '67 21-window bus, a '63 ragtop sedan, and a '68 Porsche 911S. But the Bug he spent most of the time rebuilding is the '66 featured here; as he puts it, "This car's construction time was too long, and the cost to rebuild it was too much. I only intended to repaint it, then drive it."

Well, one thing led to another, and before he knew it, Andie had attacked every part of this sedan. With help from Paul Gabris of Roselle, Illinois, the duo tackled bodywork and paint, spraying the car with a DuPont Centari, in '92 Porsche Signal Green. Mechanicals-wise, Andie was in charge of the engine, the pan, suspension, and brakes, but the tranny was beefed by the crew at Transform in Long Beach, California. And the interior, now sporting a Ron Lummus Racing chromoly roll bar, was also done by Andie. Wheels and tires selected are polished Empi style 5-spokes, with Kleber 145-15 tires up front, and Falken 205/60-15 radials out back.

Under this car, the pan features a 3-inch-narrowed stock front beam, thanks to Ron Lummus Racing (Anaheim, California), and there's also a pair of 2-1/2-inch drop spindles that came from CB Performance (Farmersville, California). With the narrowed beam, Andie had the tie rods shortened accordingly, and also utilized CNC billet rotors and four-piston calipers for improved stopping power. At the rear, tricks include disc brakes (Jamar billet rotors, two-piston calipers), Sway-A-Way short axles, KYB Gas-Adjust shocks, readjusted spring plates (for 1-1/4-inch lowered stance), urethane spring plate bushings, CB Performance camber compensator, and traction bar from Ron Lummus Racing.

Simple dash sports a Formuling France steering wheel, while shifter and Pro Car seats came from Scat Enterprises of Redondo Beach, CA. Behind the Ron Lummus Racing rollbar, no-back-seat area displays dry sump oil tank, remote System One filter, MSD coil and quick-disconnect coil wire, plus ERL "Aquamist" water/alcohol injection setup.

Andie gets credit for building (and machining) this potent 2110cc engine, which has CB Performance electronic fuel injection (48mm throttle bodies), and a CB Performance blow-through turbo system, here using a Schwitzer S2A turbo with K&N filter. Heads are also from CB, a pair of Competition Eliminators (46mm intake x 38mm exhaust stainless steel valves), Porsche 911 style fan/housing is from Bernie Bergmann, and all AN fittings and stainless steel braided lines came from Earl's Supply in Hawthorne, CA.

Horsepower for this "street flyer" comes from a 2110cc Type 1 mill that Andie built, based on a 1973 AS 41 engine case. By the way, Andie handled the case machining himself, at Battered Bugs in Eldena, Illinois. Instead of following the typical Looker Weber 48 IDA carb setup, Selby went with a CB Performance electronic fuel injection system, which is boosted with a Schwitzer S2A turbocharger that inhales air through a K&N filter. In addition to a CB Performance 82mm crankshaft, CB 1289 forged I-beam connecting rods, Total Seal-ringed Mahle 90.5mm pistons, and CB 2241 camshaft with their straight-cut cam gears, Andie used CB Performance Competition Eliminator heads (with 46mm intake and 38mm exhaust valves), a Bosch 009 distributor with CB Magnaspark and HEI cap, and sedan turbo header from CB. Also in the mix is a dry sump oiling system, with CB Performance four-gear pump, remote System One filter, aluminum tank, two Mesa 96-plate coolers with thermostatically controlled electric fans, and lots of stainless steel braided hose and AN fittings from Earl's Supply in Hawthorne, California. Efficient cooling is provided by a Porsche 911 style fan and housing from Bernie Bergmann (San Jacinto, California).

The interior is basic black, featuring a pair of Scat Pro-Car Rally series front seats (no back seat here, due to roll bar rear supports, and carpeted rear wall for dry sump oil tank, System One oil filter, MSD coil with bulkhead connector, part of injection wire harness, and ERL "Aquamist" water/alcohol injection with 250cc injector. Black carpet came from TMI in Corona, California, black velour headliner was supplied by Sewfine Interior Products (Littleton, Colorado), simple dash has a stock speedometer and fuel gauge, steering wheel is Formuling France, shifter is a Scat DragFast, and a center console houses three VDO gauges (oil pressure, oil temperature, turbo boost) and a CB Performance air-fuel ratio gauge that indicates lean to rich mixture. Let's not forget that "back in the day" Sun Super Tach (8,000 rpm) under the dash, to the right of the ashtray.

All in all, Andie's project has produced not only a bright green Looker, but a go-getter with the turbo-injected 2110cc power-house. He did most of the work, but also thanks the following for their involvement: Jeff Spencer, owner of Battered Bugs, for teaching Andie the "right way" to fix-up VW; Danny Guzick for all the late night help; Andie's mom for her patience and the use of her garage; Andie's fiancee' Lisa Gennardo for her total support; Paul Gabris for his bodywork and paint assistance; and Jack Kaniff for "letting me use his VW restoration shop after hours."

Andie stayed in Palm Springs, California for just over a year, but he missed his friends and family in Illinois, so as of this writing, he and Lisa are in Schaumburg, Illinois, where Andie wil be operating a VW parts and service shop, Selby Motorsports. His "street flyer" Bug is there too; in fact, at a local show, Andie nabbed Best of Show - way cool!