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Drag Race Videos

El Rabioso - A Short Documentary

Pat Downs @ Dragnight - Second Pass (exterior view)

Pat Downs @ Dragnight - First Pass (exterior view)

Hot VW's Drag Day 2008 - Irwindale, CA

CB Performance Pro Stock Nationals 2006

Mike Lawless Burnout at Drag Day 2003

Pat Downs' 10.44 @ 128mph pass at Famoso

10.44 @ 128mph

Patrick Downs, the Engine Builder of CB Performance, went out to Famoso Raceway in February, for a weekend Test and Tune event, and took his new Race Car out with him for a few passes. Pat had been working hard to finely tune his newly acquired race car, and with a few special modifications, was able to prepare his ride for one spectacular pass...

Pats Engine utilizes CB Performance's Ultra Competition Fuel Injection system, and CNC Ported Competition Eliminator Cylinder Heads, available from CB Performance! The engine was recently changed from 94mm pistons to 96.5, and the compression is also a bit higher. Pat also did some chamber work on the heads and picked up some more flow. The header is a stepped header, he built with a smaller I.D. on the collector. The Engine size now is 84x96.5

Pats car has a 901 Bus Transmission, with a Folts axle conversion. It has pro rings on 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The Tires are Hoosier 9" Racing Slicks. He uses the MSE shifter - vertigate type. Pat Plans on improving his sixty-foot time by dampening on the rear shocks.

This pass was the fastest time for this particular car, and Pat promises to achieve a more impressive time within the coming months. Pat is running this race car all season, so be sure to check for him at West Coast VW events, throughout the year.

Pat Downs' New Race Car - Cockpit View

Patrick Downs, the Engine Builder of CB Performance, debuts his new race car at the Sacramento Bug-O-Rama. Click the Play button below to view his pass from inside the vehicle.

1/4 Mile Pass - Street Driven Turbo Bug

OWNER/BUILDER: Anthony (Cub) Delatorre
MODEL: 66 Bug - This is Cub's daily driver
ENGINE: 78 x 94, CB Super Case, 46 x 38 CNC Street Eliminator Heads, K-Motion Springs, Titanium Retainers, Manton Push Rods, CB 1.4 Forged Rockers, CB 2289 Cam, 9.1 Compression, TO4-35 Turbo, CB EFI w/63 lb. Injectors, CB Super Race Crank, SB H-Beam 5.500" Rods, and a Custom turbo header by Anthony (Cub).
TRANNY: Metalcraft, Fresno, CA. 3.78 1st, 2.06 2nd, 1.48 3rd, 1.21 4th, 4.12:1 Ring and Pinion
TIRES: 215-65-15 Dot Slicks
QUARTER MILE: 10.98 / 123 mph

Turbo Baja Bug