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Turbo Street Engines

Turbo Injected Street Engines are powerful and fit in a VW sedan without modification to the car body. The deck lid closes, and the engine is very drivable. Turbo Injected Street Engines are available in most popular sizes are the perfect power plant for VW sedans, and 356 kit cars. Mid-Engine versions are built to fit 550 Spyder kits.

Hideaway Turbo Engines (of the type noted on the attached Dyno Chart) run on available pump gas. Hideaway Turbo systems are based on a Schwitzer S1A or T3/T4 Hybrid turbo. Usage is determined by engine size and desired power output.

Baja & Mid-Engine Off-Road Turbo Engines are also available. The use of a T04 turbo (on larger engines) will increase the engines power beyond the smaller T3/T4 turbo. T04's are often used on off road applications where available component space is not a problem.

Contact CB Performance for information concerning turnkey Turbo Street Engines or a Turbo System to fit your engine.

Click Here to see a Dyno Chart for this Engine!

2332cc Turbo Injected Engine now installed in a 356 Kit Car

A T04 E-Ticket Ride

The intercooled, T04 Engine in CB's Beck 550 has provided a continuing hands on Research and Development experience. This car turned 138mph at Fire Bird in Phoenix, running street tires and pump gas! It's a 364 hp daily driver, running a 78mm C/W crank, 94mm pistons, match ported CNC 044's, 48mm throttle bodies and 52 lb. injectors. CB's Center Mount Fan and front located oil cooler provide an authentic look and a cool running engine. A Pro-Comp tranny with a 3.88 ring and pinion, high first and second, four spyders, Sway-a-way axles and 195/60/15's on 17" wheels deliver the power to the road. CLICK HERE to see the accompanying dyno chart.

Cutting Turbo Tin

Here you can see some before and after pics of some Engine
Sheet Metal that Pat Downs has modified to run on a Turbo System.

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