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Compression Ratio Chart
Use this handy chart to quickly find the compression ratio for any engine combination.
How to calculate Compression Ratio
Use the formula below to calculate your engines compression ratio.
How to calculate Deck Height in CC's
Use one of the two formulas below to calculate deck height in cc's, or consult the quick reference chart below. The Inch system Forumla - Bore (in.) X Bore (in.m) X Stroke (in.) X 12
How to calculate Engine CC's
Use the formula below to calculate your engines cc's, or use the reference chart to quickly find your engine displacement in cc's. Formula - Bore (mm) X Bore (mm) X Stroke (mm) X 3.1416" = Engin
Pressure Relationship Chart
This chart shows the relationship between different pressure measurements.
Selecting the Correct Size Fuel Injectors
Use this chart to help select the correct size Fuel Injectors for your application.
Torque Specs
Here are a list of recommended torque specs for various parts sold by CB Performance. Crankcase nuts Crankcase 12mm nuts - 25 ft/lbs. Crankcase 8mm nuts - 15 ft/lbs. Cylinder head nuts