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Here are a variety of Nostalgia Pictures showing some of our History at Claudes Buggies / CB Performance.

Pat Downs' first VW Drag Race Car, with a collection of trophies.

CB dominated at the VW-powered Forklift Racers.

Ron Townsend in TanFastic!

Pat Nelson wrinkles the rear sidewalls as he launches at the strip.

Pat Nelson in the staging lane, driving a CB Performance sponsored Drag Car.

Rick Tomlinson pokes his head out of an Oval Window in Claudes Garage.

Lets Play Magazine of July did a shop tour of CB Performance and published this article in Nov. 1996

Pat Downs takes a customers Trike for a quick ride up Walnut Ave with a smiling Scott Sebastian.

Cars parked in the Driveway next to Claudes House.

Kevin Lewis poses next to a row of Weber Carbs with CB Manifolds.

Rick Tomlinson adjusting the timing on a Turbo Bug.

Bob Tomlinson's wife, Rita at the Dunes.

Marieanne Martin does some last minute wrenching on this Turbo Baja Bug.

A collection of cars out back.

Bob Tomlinson posing next to an engine.

Bob Tomlinson and his son Rick inspect a shipment of freshly arrived Weber Carburetors.

The Farmersville Police stop in to make sure that everybody is behaving correctly.

Pat Downs wrenches on a 550 Spyder Engine.

Bob Tomlinson launching 'Big Blue', the shop bus that also delivered parts.

Bob Tomlinson in the Dyno Room with Gene Evans.

Anthony 'Cub' Delatorre doing valve jobs the Sunnen machine.

Anthony 'Cub' Delatorre grinds an Eagle Racing Cam in house.