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7050 CBP Terminator X EFI System (Naturally Aspirated or Turbo Kit)

Holley Terminator X EFI System (Naturally Aspirated or Turbo Kit)

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Take FULL CONTROL of your engine’s Fuel Delivery & Ignition System!

Finally - After lengthy supply chain delays, we're excited to announce the availability of the NEW CB Performance Terminator X EFI System - Naturally Aspirated & Turbo!

From our 1st Gen EFI System in 1995, to our latest EFI System today, CB Performance EFI Systems have evolved over the years, but consistently delivered High-Quality System Components, Efficient/ High-Performance Results, and Innovative Features. Our new EFI System is no different.

The CBP Terminator X EFI System delivers Increased Power, Low-End Torque, and Throttle Response as well as Cleaner Emissions, Increased MPG, and Smooth Start-Ups all in one complete and easy to install kit.

The kit is offered for both Naturally Aspirated and Turbo applications - Comes complete with the Holley Terminator X ECU, Custom Wiring Loom, our USA Made Throttle Bodies, 3056 Aluminum Manifolds and Air Cleaner Bases/ Tops, all Steel Crossbar Linkage, Electric Fuel Injection Pump, and Installation Hardware/ Fittings.

The Terminator X offers complete control of your engine, self-learning fuel strategies and the proven, race-winning technology of Holley EFI at a budget-friendly price. Terminator X features real-time fuel learn, high impedance injector drivers, an integrated 1bar MAP sensor, and 4 programmable inputs and outputs. The inputs and outputs are ideal for electric fans, boost control solenoids, progressive nitrous control, and much more. Terminator X comes fully loaded with base maps for common VW engine combinations to get you out of the garage and on the road/track fast.

The optional
5" Digital Dash includes an easy-to-use Calibration Wizard and built in GPS enabled speedometer.

Additional advanced features can be accessed and controlled with Holleys industry-leading, easy to use Software Suite (download) that allows full laptop access (Windows based only). Advanced users can Manage Fuel & Timing Tables, Idle, Boost & Nitrous Control, and MUCH MORE!

The kit includes a Custom Made-to-Order Wiring Harness designed to fit your specific application... NO reworked universal harnesses. The ECU is Pre-Programmed for initial engine startup.

Whether you are building a budget beater or a boosted race car, the CBP Terminator X EFI System has the features and technology you need at a price that won't break the bank!

For a complete kit breakdown, refer to the Technical Notes tab above. Download the Setup & Installation Guide (pdf).

To learn more about the features and functions of the Terminator X, be sure to check out these in-depth Terminator X Software Setup Videos.

  • On-Board Diagnostic LEDS for: ECU Power – Engine Run – Wideband Status – TPS Calibration – Crank Signal – Cam Signal. Allow you to identify any Critical engine issues at a glance.
  • Built in 1bar MAP Sensor, vacuum hose adapters included (1/8th – ¼ and 3/16ths) - or for Boosted applications, you can disable the internal MAP sensor, and utilize an external MAP Sensor, the harness comes with the connector terminated, making the installation a snap.
  • 4 Inputs – 12v, Ground, 5v, and Frequency, for things such as additional pressure sensors, or activation triggers for nitrous activation, or a trans brake (Fuel and Oil Pressure Inputs are pre-terminated)
  • 4 Outputs – Ground, PWM - , for accessories such as; fans, boost control, nitrous control, IAC Kit, etc.
  • Boost Control – Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear, Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Boost Safeties.
  • Boost Control – Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear, Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Boost Safeties.
  • Nitrous Control – Single Channel of Wet or Dry, Progressive or Non-Progressive, Rich/Lean Safeties, and target Closed Loop AFR.
  • Advanced Tables – 4x 1D Tables, 1x 1D per Gear Table, 4x 2D Tables, 1x 2D per Gear Table.
  • Integrated Datalogging to the 3.5” Handheld SD Card.
  • Free EFI Tuning Software for complete control of your Terminator X power plant.

  • J1A - Main Harness Connector - This connector is primarily an “Input” connector. It contains all the sensor inputs and wide band oxygen sensor control.
  • J1B - Main Harness Connector - The second connector is the “J1B” connector (26 pin). This connector is the “output” connector. It has 8 injector outputs and outputs for other devices.
  • MAP Sensor - used on N/A applications, connect directly to left manifold vacuum port on the intake manifold.
  • Main Power - Connects to the Main Power Harness, these two wires MUST be wired directly to the Battery Terminals.

8 Built-in multi-color diagnostic LED's allow you to quickly identify a variety of potential system issues, such as a failed TPS Autoset - faulty crank or cam sensors, or potential oxygen sensor issues.
Troubleshooting at a Glance!

1. ECU Power - Green = ON
2. Engine Running - Green = Running - Yellow = No RPM
3. Wideband Status - Blue = Too Hot, Too Cold, Slow Warmup, or Uncalibrated, Green = OK!, Red = Sensor Failure, Yellow = Sensor Heating, Off = Sensor Disabled.
4. TPS Calibration - Green - Calibrated, Red = Calibration Error, Cyan = DBW Pedal Calibration Error, Purple = DBW TB Calibration Error.
5. Undefined - Future Use!
6. Crank Signal - Green = Tooth Detected, below crank to run RPM (400RPM), Blue = Gap Detected, below crank to run RPM (400RPM), Red = Crank Error Detected, Off - Synced Properly.
7. Cam Signal - Green = Tooth Detected, below crank to run RPM (400RPM), Blue = Gap Detected, below crank to run RPM (400RPM), Red = Cam Error Detected, Off - Synced Properly.
8. Undefined - Future Use.

The Terminator X system integrates boost control functionality into the handheld, allowing you to easily change timing and AFR offset without needing a Laptop! For the advanced user, the Terminator X Software contains a robust boost control system, with Dome Control, Boost By Time/ Gear/ RPM/ Speed, and built in Boost Safeties.
Boost Control at your Fingers Tips!

If nitrous oxide is your power adder of choice, the Terminator X system put nitrous control in your hands! Through the handheld you have the power to set Min/Max RPM for Nitrous Activation, retard or advance timing, set Target AFR, and even build custom progressive curves for both Nitrous Percentage, and Ignition Timing.
Nitrous Control made easy!

Bad Wiring - What Not To Do!

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