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Machine Shop

CB Performance's Machine Shop offers a full range of shop services on new parts purchased from us, and occasionally we will accept parts from our front counter customers.

Our professional technicians offer years of experience and know-how. The work performed is accomplished with the utmost care and precision.

Let CB Performance handle your machine shop services, and get the job done right the first time.

Shop Services Available (Prices are for New Products Only!)

C.C. Cylinder Heads

$85.00 pr

Flycut Cylinder Heads (raise compression)

$80.00 pr

CC Heads to Customer Specs

$100.00 pr

Machine 1600cc Heads for larger bore sizes (88, 90.5, 92, or 94)

$45.00 pr

Align Bore Engine Case (bearings extra)


Machine Case for larger bore sizes (88, 90, 92, or 94)


Install a full set of case savers (16)


Weld #3 Rear Web on Engine Case


Clearance Engine Case for Stroker Cranks & Rods


Full Flow Engine Case


Balance Crank


Balance Engine Assembly *


Convert Case 8mm to 10mm Case Savers


Shop Time Per Hour (Minimum 1 Hour)


Clean Engine Case Required


Clearance Cam For Stroker


CNC Combustion Chambers


Installing New King Pins - for T-1 (Labor Only)


Install New Ball Joints in Customers Trailing Arms (set of 4)


Remove and Replace Crank Gears (Type 1 only)


Thrust Cut Case - Rear Main Bearing (Bearings Extra)


Drill Flywheel to 8 Dowel


Engine Quote and Freight Invoice Fee


*Crankshaft, Flywheel, Clutch, Pistons, Rod's Total Weight and End for End

If you would like to purchase any of these services, please contact our sales representatives.