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RAD Performance Turbos

RAD Performance Custom Turbo Kits and Components - Now available from CB Performance!

From daily driver to full-blown drag setups, RAD Performance has developed
a wide range of performance options for your air-cooled VW!

Custom USA made stainless steel intakes for 2 or 4 barrel E85/Gas or EFI
setups - SS turbo headers for street, drag/offroad applications.

RAD Performance turbo kits are available in a Draw-Through "Starter" Kit (DIY) or a premium
Blow-Through kit making huge horsepower, while still being reliable and driveable on the street.

Compare RAD Performance Turbos here.

RAD Performance offers superior tech support and is committed
to excellence in product knowledge -
Check them out here.

It's All About the Tune!
Rodney Adams

RAD Performance for additional services offered.
Remote EFI Tuning / Turnkey Engines / Dyno Tuning
Custom Fabrication / Machining Services

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RAD 2 Barrel Carburetor (Gas / Vaccum) RAD 2-Barrel Intake Package (Carb, Intake, Filter) RAD 4 Barrel Carburetor (Gas / Mechanical)
RAD 4 Barrel Carburetor (Gas / Vacuum) RAD 4-Barrel MAX Intake Kit (Carb or EFI) RAD Air Filter (2bbl or 4bbl)
RAD Blow-Through Turbo Kits (Gas) RAD Draw-Through "Starter/DIY" Turbo Kit (Gas) RAD SS Turbo Header (Drag/Off-Road)
RAD SS Turbo Header (Street) RAD Turbo Air Filter RAD Turbo X-2860
RAD SS Turbo Header (Street)
Your Price: $1,249.95
RAD Turbo Air Filter
Your Price: $38.95
RAD Turbo X-2860
Your Price: $699.95
RAD Turbo X-3071 RAD Turbo X-3076R RAD Turbo X-3582
RAD Turbo X-3071
Your Price: $649.95
RAD Turbo X-3076R
Your Price: $874.95
RAD Turbo X-3582
Your Price: $874.95