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Conceived, designed, and developed by Award Winning engine builder, Pat Downs!

The "Builders Choice" Engine Kits are set up with the novice builder in mind. Easy to assemble with pre-determined compression ratio's, connecting rod length, camshaft and cylinder heads. The "Builder's Choice" engine kit takes all the guess-work out of building your own engine. Each kit is listed with the correct carburetor size, intake manifold, and exhaust type needed to achieve the advertised Horsepower output. Never before have engine-building secrets like these been let out to the public! Take advantage from years of engine building experience with the Builders Choice Engine Kit.

Part # Engine Size Target HP Desired Result
1179 1904cc (90.5 x 74) 90 Gas Saver (Great Fuel Economy)
1180 1776cc (90.5 x 69) 105
1181 1915cc (94 x 69) 120
1182 2005cc (90.5 x 78) 140
1183 2110cc (90.5 x 82) 150
1184 2165cc (94 x 78) 160
1185 2276cc (94 x 82) 180
1186 2332cc (94 x 84) 200
1187 2387cc (94 x 86) 220 Big Power Signature Kit (MAX HP!)

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