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What makes Penn Grade 1 The Ultimate Choice?

  • High Levels of Zinc / Phosphorous
  • Refined Using Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil
  • Unique Cut that Clings Tenaciously to Highly Stressed Engine Parts
  • Critical Protection for Your Flat Tappet or Roller Cams
  • Minimizes Dry Start Wear
  • Protects Highly Stressed Race Engines
  • Maximum Protection for Engines that sit for Extended Periods
  • Recommended by Top Industry Professionals
  • Distinctive Green Color
  • Recommended by the Industries Top Cam Manufacturers and Engine Builders
  • Made in the USA


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In 1997, American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG), a privately held energy company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, purchased the Kendall / Amalie refinery located in Bradford, PA, from Witco Corporation. As a result of the sale by Witco of the Kendall and Amalie brands to a third party, a new name was given to the products produced at the site. Brad Penn Premium Pennsylvania Grade Lubricants.

Founded in 1881 at the height of the domestic oil boom, the Bradford refinery is the only refinery processing 100% Pennsylvania Grade crude oil. It is also the oldest continuously operated lube oil refinery in the world. Due the consistency of our feedstocks, the quality of our products can be traced from the wellhead to the finished packaged product. ARG's refinery and blending/packaging operations are ISO 9001:2008 certified. The Bradford refinery was the first in the USA to carry ISO 9002 certification.