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"As seen on the fastest street and drag cars in the world"

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Installation Tips, Tricks and Maintenance

- The mating surfaces of the header flange and the cylinder head use a standards paper of vanagon style gasket. Copper gaskets can be used but are not recommended. After initial run in of one hour, re-torqing of header bolts is all that is needed. Gasket failure is not a concern due to the thicknesses of the flanges.

- The header slip joints are hand fitted before coating, after coating these must be re-fitted. On the male end of the coated pipe, mark a line approximately 1" from the end of the pipe and sand the coated pipe with 100 grit sand paper until the proper fit is achieved.

- On the stainless steel header slip joints, anti-seize is recommended.

- The header flange to the muffler flange mating surfaces do NOT use a gasket - these are surfaced flat. A slight amount of high temperature silicone is all that is needed (if you see silicone sealant being squeezed out when the flanges are bolted together, you applied too much)

- Ceramic coating maintenance: oil stains can be removed by soaking the stain with WD40 or other penetrant, and scrubbing with a fine grade of steel wool. The coating can then be polished with a paste type aluminum polish, such as MOTHERS aluminum and mag polish.